Air Monitoring Instruments are Quietly Becoming Popular

Air Monitoring Instruments are Quietly Becoming Popular

Under the enormous environmental pressure of air pollution, many cities in China have begun to monitor the main air pollutants such as PM2.5. Under the strong demand, the industry of air monitoring instruments has entered a period of rapid growth, and began to gradually enter people's sight from professional monitoring instruments into life. Enter the family. In addition to the attention paid by relevant departments to air monitoring, many citizens have also purchased air monitoring instruments and purification instruments to monitor and improve household air quality. Air monitoring instruments are quietly becoming popular.

Environmental Pressure Promotes the Rapid Development of air pollution monitoring instruments

Severe fog and haze weather made ordinary citizens realize the severity of air pollution, and made the whole society begin to pay attention to the environmental issues of air pollution. Corresponding solutions and a series of policies and regulations have also been introduced. These driving forces have greatly promoted the rapid development of environmental monitoring instrument industry.

In order to solve a series of environmental problems such as air pollution, the first thing is to establish a set of perfect continuous air monitoring system to reflect the current situation and development trend of environmental quality and pollution sources timely, accurately and comprehensively. It provides a basis for environmental management, environmental planning and pollution prevention. The environmental monitoring instrument is the most important tool for the implementation of this system. The Director of Environmental Monitoring Department of the Ministry of Environmental Protection said that by the end of 2015, all cities above prefecture level would l have built an advanced urban monitoring network which can meet the needs of the implementation of new air quality standards and monitor PM2.5 and other indicators using PM monitor. There are about 1500 urban monitoring stations. This means that in the next few years, China will be in a period of rapid growth in demand for environmental monitoring instruments.

Supported by huge demand, the progress of science and technology has always provided a strong guarantee for the development of environmental monitoring instrument industry. With the improvement of the awareness of environmental safety and the improvement of relevant laws and regulations as the core driving force, monitoring instruments will formally enter a period of rapid growth.

Air Monitoring Instruments Come into Home
In addition to the increasing attention paid by the official agencies to the monitoring of environmental air quality, the public has begun to pay more attention to the monitoring of indoor PM2.5. At present, in the household appliances' industry, air purifiers, air conditioners and other related household appliances products have begun to add the function of "removing PM2.5", and more and more ordinary citizens have begun to purchase air quality. Monitoring instruments are used to monitor the air quality in their home and work environments.

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