Analysis of the Advantages of Portable Flue Gas Analyzer

Analysis of the Advantages of Portable Flue Gas Analyzer

With the development of environmental awareness, real-time gas detection has gradually become a necessary way in life. Nowadays, there are many types of detectors for gas analysis. Among them, portable flue gas analyzers are widely used. Next, we will analyze the unique advantages of portable flue gas analyzers.

1. Features of the portable flue gas analyzer

The portable flue gas analyzer can also be regarded as a portable gas alarm. Its main characteristics are small size, lightweight, low power consumption, easy to carry, and can be tested anytime and anywhere. It adopts high-precision gas-sensitive components and accuracy. High, reliable, fast response and recovery time, good gas selectivity, and strong anti-interference ability.

2. Different types of portable flue gas analyzers

Portable flue gas analyzers can be further divided into diffusion gas detectors and pumping gas detectors according to the sampling method.

Among them, the diffusion gas detector is aimed at the gas in the detection area. It flows freely in the air and slowly flows the sample into the instrument for detection. This method is affected by the detection environment, such as ambient temperature and airflow. Diffusion gas detector is characterized by low cost.

The pumping gas detector is equipped with a small air pump, and its working mode is that the power supply drives the air pump to sample the gas in the area to be measured, and then sends the sample gas to the instrument for detection. The pump suction gas detector is characterized by fast detection speed, can carry out long-distance measurement in relatively dangerous areas, and maintains the safety of personnel. Others are the same as the diffusion gas detector.

For the pumping gas detector, both it and the diffusion gas detector use the sensor of the instrument to detect the sample gas and then through the circuit to enlarge and organize the conversion into the corresponding value displayed on the screen.

As a key tool for flue gas analysis, both are indispensable security facilities for enterprise safety production.

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