Background of Vehicle Emission Testing Equipment

Background of Vehicle Emission Testing Equipment

With the rapid development of economy, the number of automobiles has increased dramatically. Especially in recent years, there are more and more private cars. Ordinary cars are no longer the symbol of luxury goods. The rapid development of China's automobile industry will certainly lead to a series of automobile design, development, production, sales and post-market industries.

At the same time, the problem of pollution has also arisen. The exhaust pollution caused by crowded cars on the road affects people's lives. The exhaust pollution of motor vehicles in some big cities is becoming more and more worrying. People expect to enjoy the comfortable and convenient life brought by economic development more freely without being disturbed by air pollution. Therefore, it is an important task to study new technologies to reduce the emission of automobile exhaust pollutants. At the same time, government must also take efforts to study the VOC monitoring system and to monitor the emission of automobile exhaust to achieve a good living environment.

To this end, automobile exhaust monitoring technology plays a huge role. Automobile manufacturers, automobile maintenance enterprises, environmental protection departments, traffic management departments and university research institutes all need automobile exhaust monitoring instruments for production, monitoring, maintenance, certification, scientific research and other work. In fact, tail gas analyzer is not only the function of monitoring tail gas, but also a good method to detect engine failure. Therefore, it is imperative to popularize the knowledge of exhaust gas detection in the automotive industry and government departments, and to improve the education level of exhaust gas analysis instruments.

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