Car Emissions Test Equipment

Car Emissions Test Equipment

The composition of motor vehicle exhaust is quite complex, there are more than 100 kinds of pollutants, the main pollutants are carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (CH), carbon hydrogen oxides (HCO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter, and lead compounds, which cause great harm to people's physical and mental health and environmental air quality.

Why Need Car Emissions Test Equipment

At present, the control and treatment of vehicle exhaust pollution have become a common problem all over the world. Environmental experts believe that in order to reduce the harm of motor vehicle exhaust pollution to the urban environment, in addition to adjusting the urban traffic policy and giving priority to the development of public transport, it is also important to formulate strict emission standards and use relevant car emission test equipment to detect vehicle exhaust emissions.

Car Emissions Test Equipment

Key to solve the vehicle exhaust pollution: Car Emissions Test Equipment

Car emissions test equipment is an instrument to detect the exhaust emission of motor vehicles. It is also an important part of the vehicle emission monitoring system, which is mainly used for regular detection and daily maintenance of vehicles. The end users are vehicle detection stations, comprehensive performance detection stations of operating vehicles, urban environmental monitoring stations, and scientific research institutions.

In order to solve the problem of vehicle exhaust pollution, it is the key point of the national work to formulate more scientific and strict exhaust emission detection standards. For the relevant car emissions test equipment manufacturers, the research and development of higher standards and more perfect exhaust gas detection instruments will be an important way to win the market.
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