Cems Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEMS)

Cems Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEMS)

Product introduction

The cems continuous emission monitoring system of flue gas emission is mainly used for on-line monitoring of SO2, NO 2, O 2, flue gas parameters (temperature, pressure, flow rate, humidity) and smoke from various fixed pollution sources. The measurement of SO2 and NOx is based on the fully extracted Thermo-wet ultraviolet-visible differential absorption spectroscopy (UV-DOAS). Zirconia method is used for oxygen measurement. The S-type pitot tube method is used for velocity measurement. The platinum resistance method is used for temperature measurement. The resistance-capacitance method is used for humidity measurement. Dust is measured by laser back scattering method. In addition, infrared measurement module can be added to realize the measurement of CO and CO2. The product can be used for on-line monitoring of ultra-low emission from fixed pollution sources.

Product Advantage

※ Complete extraction by hot and wet method

It won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress in 2009. It adopts the principle of thermal and wet measurement to avoid SO2 and NOx condensation loss and corrosive gas path. It uses unique three-layer stacked hole filter, which can filter dust more thoroughly, blow back more effectively and avoid long maintenance cycle.

※ Simultaneous measurement of SO2, NO and NO

By using ultraviolet differential absorption spectroscopy (DOAS), SO2, NO and NO can be measured simultaneously. Among them, NO2 can be detected independently and no nitrogen oxide converter is needed.

※ Ultra-low Emission Detection

The minimum range of the system is 75 mg/m3, which meets the needs of ultra-low emission monitoring.

※ Intelligent Dynamic Control

The system of CEMS analyzer has the functions of remote diagnosis and correction, and the analyzer supports the upload of the original signal.

※ High reliability

The online gas analyzer uses scintillating ultraviolet xenon lamp with a life span of 10 years; the gas analyzer uses holographic grating spectroscopy and array sensing, has no moving parts and high reliability; and the dust detector adopts an integrated design with compact structure and high reliability.

Applications: Ultra-low emission field, thermal power plant, various industrial kilns/boilers, chemical industry, steel sintering / steel making plant, cement industry, waste incineration plant, petroleum industry.
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