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CEMS Manufacturers

"2020 Global Sulfur Limit Order" Bringing the New Market to CEMS

According to the "2020 Global Sulfur Limit Order", the sulfur content of fuel oil in the world will be reduced from 3.5% to 0.5% from January 1, 2020. If ships can not obtain fuel with qualified sulfur content, the same low sulfur emission target can be achieved through the following measures:

  • Use low sulfur fuel
  • Install the scrubber
  • Use of liquefied natural gas
  • Use other newly developed fuels

For most ships, the option is to buy low sulfur fuel or install scrubbers. However, the supply of low sulfur fuel is limited and the price may rise in the future. According to the statistics of IMO, IEA, and EIA, the annual consumption of marine oil in the world is about 280 million tons. By 2020, the global shipping industry will consume 320 million tons of fuel annually. The cost of the shipping market will be expanded accordingly.

The installation of scrubbers is of practical significance for large ships with high fuel consumption, especially for new ships within 10 years. If the fuel consumption exceeds 50 tons/day and the average price difference between high sulfur oil and low sulfur oil in the current international trade is about 200 dollars, 10000 dollars can be saved every day. Some container ships can sail 300 days a year, which means the scrubber can save us $3 million per year. That is to say, if you invest less than $2 million, you can get back the cost in about a year. Therefore, the installation of a scrubber becomes a better option for large ships.

CEMS Manufacturers

For ships with scrubbers, in order to ensure their function, continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS) is needed to monitor the flue gas emission in real-time. It can be said that the "2020 Global Sulfur Limit Order" also has brought the new market to CEMS manufacturers worldwide.

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