Characteristics of Continuous Flue Gas Emission Monitoring System

Characteristics of Continuous Flue Gas Emission Monitoring System

Technical characteristics

1. The lower limit of measurement of ultraviolet flue gas analyzer is as low as mg/m', which is fully competent for the measurement technical index requirements of ultra-low emission monitoring occasions;

2.The latest laser front scattering dust analyzer is applicable to high humidity flue gas, light leaking bacon, ultra-low dust emission and other application points;

3. Integrated low flow temperature and pressure flow products solve the problem of inaccurate measurement of conventional products under ultra-low flue gas flow rate:

4. The HCI type laser gas analyzer and HF analyzer have passed the national explosion-proof certification and are widely recognized in the industry;

5. The ultraviolet differential absorption spectrum gas analysis technology with the company’s own property right is adopted to effectively avoid the interference of dust and moisture to the measurement:

6. The gas flow path adopts multi-stage dust filtration technology combined with timing back blowing, which can effectively avoid dust blocking the filter and pipeline, as well as the measuring tank of pollution analyzer, and adapt to the most severe environment such as high dust, high humidity, high temperature and high corrosion;

7. UV flue gas analyzer can simultaneously measure SO2, NO, NO2 (independent of NO), O2 humidity and other parameters, and can directly measure NO and NO2 to get NOX. NO NO2→NO converter is needed;

8. Simple structure, no optical motion in the whole online continuous emission monitoring system, high reliability, long maintenance-free cycle, field vibration has no impact on measurement;

9. Advanced ultraviolet differential absorption spectrum technology, spectral holographic grating spectrometry, diode array detection, obtain a complete continuous absorption spectrum, high wavelength resolution to ensure low detection limit, low temperature drifts and fast response time;

10. The gas chamber of air quality monitoring instruments is processed by stainless pot, strong gas chamber, low cost, little affected by moisture and dust. The detector and gas chamber are connected by optical fiber, which is easy to replace and low in maintenance cost;

11. The core modules and algorithms are completely independently developed, and the system has strong market competitiveness;

12. The system has compact structure, high integration, convenient transportation and installation.

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