Content and Characteristics of Work of Vehicle Emission Analyzer

Content and Characteristics of Work of Vehicle Emission Analyzer

Over the years, HANGZHOU ZETIAN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD has provided vehicle emission analyzer and emission monitoring system for customers and research institutes of various types of vehicles, ships and aviation industries. It has a good reputation among users.

Real-time on-line measurement of gas composition at combustion chamber outlet includes volume concentration and smoke number of UHC, CO, CO 2, NO, NO2, H2O, O2.

According to the gas composition data, combustion efficiency, oil-gas ratio, pollution emission index, gas temperature, temperature field nephogram and smoke number are calculated.

System characteristics

Instruments are manufactured by HANGZHOU ZETIAN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., one of the best ambient air quality monitoring system manufacturers in the industry. It is convenient for system integration and maintenance.

Compact structure, 7 kinds of gas testing system can be integrated into a movable cabinet.

It can be operated and controlled remotely through ethernet, which is easy to operate.

All analyzers are equipped with EPC flow automatic control device, which has strong field adaptability.

It can be automatically calibrated and zeros corrected without manual operation.

Automatically switching multi-range, wide measuring range.

High Intelligent Design, Self-diagnosis and Alarm of Instrument Fault.

The response speed is fast enough to meet the test speed requirement.

The design of U system conforms to SAE ARP and ICAO specifications.

Experience in flue gas test of aerospace engine by flue gas analyzer during decent yearsDecades of aerospace engine smoke test experience.

Job content:

Engine Emission Test of Gasoline/Diesel Vehicle:

Measurement of HC, NO/NO2/NOx, CO, CO2, O2, NH3, etc.

Rapid Detection of Vehicle Exhaust Gas

Measurements of HC, CO, CO 2, O 2, NO/NO2/NOx, AFR, GPM, lambda
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