Continuous Flue Gas Analyzer

Continuous Flue Gas Analyzer

With the gradual improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection and energy saving, many large and medium-sized enterprises, such as iron and steel metallurgy, petrochemical industry, thermal power plant, have taken improving combustion efficiency, reducing energy consumption, pollutant emissions, environmental protection as an important way to develop product quality and enhance product competitiveness.

The steel rolling furnace in iron and steel industry, the boiler in electric power industry and other combustion devices and thermal equipment are the major energy consumers in various industries. Therefore, how to measure and improve the combustion efficiency of the device and determine the optimal combustion point is of great concern.

The heat energy supplied to heating furnace, boiler and other heating equipment is not all used, so it is very important to improve the combustion efficiency. The so-called improvement of combustion efficiency is to make the right amount of fuel and air into the best proportion for combustion. The most direct way to improve the combustion efficiency is to use continuous flow gas analyzer to analyze the flue gas composition, the content of 02 and CO, adjust the flow of combustion air and fuel, and determine the best air consumption coefficient.

In short, continuous flow gas analyzer can provide a good solution for the energy consumption industry.
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