Definition and Application of Air Analyzer Equipment

Definition and Application of Air Analyzer Equipment

1. Definition of air analyzer equipment

Environmental protection, monitoring in advance, automation and informatization are the prerequisites and guarantees for environmental monitoring. Over the years, with the rapid development of local economy, environmental pollution incidents such as water, gas, and noise continue to occur in various regions, which have seriously affected People's quality of life hinders the sustainable development of the local economy. With the promulgation and implementation of various environmental protection policies and regulations formulated by the country, local governments at all levels have increased their investment in environmental monitoring and emergency monitoring while paying more and more attention to environmental governance in their jurisdictions, and various regions have successively planned and installed ground station for monitoring the air environment quality, and the use of air analyzer equipment is increasing.

2. Purpose and application field of air analyzer equipment

Air analyzer equipment is used to continuously determine the relative concentration of gas and steam, and is widely used in industries such as chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, and environmental protection, agriculture, medical and health departments. It is suitable for air pollution monitoring; nitrogen control (emission measurement); process control of petroleum and chemical industries; agricultural scientific research and medical and health. It can derive a complete set of equipment such as water oil analyzer, total organic carbon analyzer (TOC), metal element (O2, C, S) analyzer, and carburizing infrared analyzer.

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