Gradually Upgrade Air Monitoring Systems to Environmental Monitoring Systems

Gradually Upgrade Air Monitoring Systems to Environmental Monitoring Systems

The initial function of indoor air monitoring system is to upload particulate matter and some harmful gas parameters in the air to the system for storage, and can be viewed in various forms (such as large screen display, software web page, mobile phone APP, etc.). It enables the relevant personnel to have the data basis of air pollution control, and play the role of continuous verification of the control effect. Its monitoring parameters usually include PM2.5, TVOC, carbon dioxide and so on.

However, with the increasing demand, the traditional indoor continuous air quality monitoring systems have been unable to meet the further needs. It is found that besides air factors, the pollution of sound environment, light environment, thermal environment and bacterial environment will also cause different degrees of impact and harm to the people in their environment. Therefore, it is an inevitable trend that the indoor continuous air quality monitoring systems are gradually upgraded to the indoor environment monitoring systems. People understand more and consider more factors related to the health of their environment, so the requirements are more.

At present, the demand for indoor environmental monitoring system is varied, so customization of PM monitor and other monitors have become a major trend in the market. The monitoring parameters are expanded to PM10, formaldehyde, ozone (O3), nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), oxygen (O2), noise, light, temperature, humidity, air pressure and other parameters. These parameters are collected and uploaded to the environmental monitoring system. The system will store them, then evaluate and score the environmental quality by a certain algorithm, and can be viewed in a simple way. Of course, professional managers can also analyze the environmental problems according to the long-term trend of each parameter.

What's the problem? It also provides the basis for organizational targeted solutions and governance programs. On the one hand, the grid layout can monitor the environmental quality of the whole floor and even the whole building comprehensively, so that the pollution situation in the environment can not be evaded. On the other hand, it can also reduce the blind practices of indiscriminate governance without reference data.

The upgrading of indoor continuous air quality monitoring systems to indoor environmental monitoring system is undoubtedly the continuous improvement of people's environmental quality requirements. At the same time, with the continuous iteration of sensor technology, it is possible to integrate more monitoring parameters into air quality monitoring instruments.

Of course, R&D personnel are constantly integrating indoor environmental monitoring technology with other latest science and technology such as a variety of environmental governance technology, intelligent robot technology, etc. The gradual upgrading of the air monitoring system to the environmental monitoring system may be just the beginning. How to eliminate the hidden danger of indoor environmental pollution thoroughly and create a healthy indoor living environment for people are the ultimate goal.
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