How to Choose Your Water Quality Testing Equipment

How to Choose Your Water Quality Testing Equipment

Ⅰ. The necessity of water quality testing equipment

Water is the source of life and one of the indispensable material resources for human survival and development. However, due to human production and life, it has caused pollution to the environment, and also caused surface water and groundwater to be polluted to a certain extent. 80% of the world's groundwater is polluted and cannot be drinkable. Let the scarce water resources become even more tense.

Water quality monitoring equipment can monitor and determine the types of pollutants in the water body, the concentration and change trends of various pollutants, and evaluate the water quality status. The scope of water quality monitoring is relatively large, mainly divided into two categories. One is a comprehensive indicator reflecting the water quality; the other is some toxic substances.

Ⅱ. How to choose a water quality testing equipment

Regardless of whether you are buying a water quality detector for the first time, or you need to add a special testing device, you should consider the following key issues before purchasing

1. Which parameters are specifically to be tested. Everyone knows that there are many kinds of water quality monitoring equipment, such as special chloride ion detection, heavy metal detection, 9-parameter detection, etc. There are many differences between different water quality parameter detection instruments, and different detection equipment has a detection range for some parameters. It's not the same, so you can think about the specific items to be tested, or think about the parameters needed for the ongoing test. How much data must be tested in your project? Create your parameter list from these items, and select the water quality tester through these parameter lists.

2. Budget for purchasing water quality testing equipment. Which parameter of water quality detector to buy, first determine the budget price, testing equipment at different prices, whether it is in the testing data or the quality of the instrument itself, is different. There is another point that everyone must pay attention to. When buying testing equipment, you must consider the cost of use in use, and the cost of maintenance and replacement of parts in the later period. The most important consideration is whether to meet your own needs. 

3. Testing purpose. The use of different water quality testing equipment is different. For example, a laboratory may need a large display device with storage, while outdoor on-site testing may require a portable and fast water quality detector, and some industries may require real-time online Water quality testing and analysis equipment, and these testing equipment are different in terms of operation, price and function. Therefore, the purpose of the testing equipment must be determined when purchasing.

When buying water quality testing equipment, you can use these questions to choose products that are suitable for you. As a professional manufacturer of water quality testing equipment, ZETIAN can provide you with a variety of water quality testing equipments. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

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