Micro Water Quality Automatic Analyzer Instrument, a True Defender of water quality

Micro Water Quality Automatic Analyzer Instrument, a True Defender of water quality

The traditional water quality monitoring method is based on manual on-site sampling and laboratory instrument analysis. Although the analysis methods in the laboratory are complete, the laboratory monitoring has defects such as low monitoring frequency, large sampling errors, scattered monitoring data, and inability to reflect changes in water quality in real time. It is difficult to meet the needs of the government and enterprises for effective water quality management.

The emergence of a miniature online cod analyzer wastewater completely solves these problem. The system takes water analyzer equipment as the core and combines modern sensing technology, automatic measurement technology, automatic control technology, network transmission technology and big data analysis and processing technology to build a comprehensive small online automatic monitoring system.

The water quality testing equipment is equipped with on-site collection and control technology, which can avoid regional environmental restrictions. Timely and effectively grasp the real-time water quality in the sewage treatment process, which not only simplifies the tedious procedure, but also saves the monitoring time, so that people can understand the monitoring area water quality situation.

The miniature device used to measure water quality also has the following functions:

1. Provide data and information for environmental management and environmental scientific research;

2. To find out the causes of pollution and provide a further theoretical basis for the study of water pollution;

3. Obtain the current water quality status data of the water body to provide a data basis for future water quality evaluation;

4. Obtain the distribution of pollutants in the water body to predict the trend of water pollution and trace the source of pollutants;

5. Provide feedback on the actual effects of pollution prevention measures.

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