TDLAS Ammonia Slipping Monitoring System

TDLAS Ammonia Slipping Monitoring System

GA-5000DN Ammonia Slipping Motoring System has successful in a Petrochemical factory in Hangzhou to control DeNOx process. As clients' feedback, the system has excellent performance since installation in last year. End user barely carry out maintenance for this system.

This ammonia slipping monitoring system mainly includes a sample conditioning system, gas analysis module, and data process and display. The sampling method is extractive with high-temperature heat tracing. TDLAS, the mainstream measurement principle, is adopted as the core analysis technology of NH3 measurement. It has been widely applied in the occasions which have high requirements on sensitiveness, fast response and no interference from background gas.

①The whole gas path is with 200℃ heat tracing, and periodically automatic back-blow to avoid massive dust and ammonium crystallization blocking filter, pipeline and gas cell of pollutant analyzer. It is free from maintenance for a long period;
②Compared to in-situ type, this system uses high-temperature extractive sampling for NH3 measurement, is free from the impact by dust, temperature, pressure fluctuation inside the flue, and can carry out automatic calibration;
③On-site installation (use 1-2m stainless steel for heat tracing pipe), multipass cell (ensure the volume between probe and gas chamber exit is less than 0.5L), 316L SS for the gas path, effectively avoid response time being affected by NH3 strong absorbability.

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