Overview and Features of Online Gas Analyzer Product

Overview and Features of Online Gas Analyzer Product

Ⅰ. Introduction of online gas analyzer

Online gas analyser is a tool for gas composition analysis and inspection, with the help of which data of certain composition types and contents can be obtained. However, the online gas analyser is not a simple tool. It is neither as simple as a flow meter or pressure gauge, nor as easy to operate and use as various thermal instruments. It is a kind of tool with complex structure and difficult to use technology. The use of online gas analyser is a more complicated and difficult to master specialized technology.

Generally speaking, the online gas analyser itself is technical, and it is a kind of research work.

Ⅱ. Features of online gas analyzer

1. The online gas analyzer has high stability and reproducibility

① Adopt advanced automatic pressure control system (APC) to realize high-precision automatic control of gas flow;

② Advanced automatic temperature control technology Proportion Integration Differentiation (PID) realizes extremely high-precision control of the column oven ±0.05℃;

③ The FID detector with extremely high sensitivity (3pg C/s) and extremely wide range (107) response capability effectively ensures higher stability and reproducibility of monitoring data.

④ The automatic/manual calibration function of the full flow path system and the monitoring method that meets the national standard effectively ensure the authenticity of the online monitoring data.

2. High reliability and safety

Automatic ignition, automatic flameout and automatic re-ignition when hydrogen fails, abnormal temperature sensor monitoring and supply gas pressure, carrier gas control status, FID ignition status and other automatic detection functions, to achieve high reliability and safety of system operation.

The high temperature full heat method prevents adsorption and automatic sampling/backflushing, and the two-stage sampling pretreatment design ensures that the system is resistant to corrosion, dust clogging, rapid response and stable operation.

3. Simple "Clear UI" operation interface

The main screen will display the recent data, and you can grasp the change of the measured value without operation. During measurement, standby, alarm, and maintenance, the status of the equipment can be clearly clarified through the color change on the main screen, making operation, maintenance and management easier.

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