AM-5105 H2S Analyzer

AM-5105 H2S Analyzer

AM-5105 H2S Analyzer

Overview Of AM-5105 H2S Analyzer

H2S analyzer adopts catalytic conversion method to convert sulfurous gas into SO2 and then employs sluorescence method to measure the concentration, which is reliable, accurate and convenient. The available range cobers from 0-500ppb to 0-20pm.
The AM-5105 H2S analyzer designed and manufactured by ZETIAN, one of the best ambient air quality monitoring system manufacturers, can be used on many applications. 

Principle Of AM-5105 H2S Analyzer

The internal high-temperature converter can convert H2S under 315℃ without affecting other gases. After entering analyzer, sample gas first passes through SO2 remover(get rid of SO2 in sample gas) and then high-temperature converter to turn H2S into SO2. The concentration of SO2 can be detected via Ultraviolet Fluorescence method. The detection module detects sample gas that passes through control path and outputs continuously in form of analog signal.

The optional zeroing/calibration solenoid valve simplifies calibration by controlling calibration gas. The special auto zeroing function makes point more stable.

Features Of AM-5105 H2S Analyzer

  • Adopt UV fluorescence method for measurement
  • With stable flow control system
  • With pressure and temperature compensation
  • Adopt internal diaphragm pump,use electronic flow sensor to detect sample gas flow
  • With high-efficiency hydrocarbon remover and special optical design, strong anti-interference capability
  • Light intensity attenuation delf-inspection function
  • Regular dark current compensation, high stability 
  • Continuous self-inspection with alarm function
  • Allow task software to monitor test data in operation process
  • Bidirectional RS-232 port is used for remote control
  • Adaptive singal filtering technology optimizes response time
  • Color screen disply, touch operation
  • large capacity, store historical data automatically
  • Realize auto monitoring of all parameters

Technical Index Of AM-5105 H2S Analyzer


Principle UV fluorescence and catalytic conversion
Range 0-500nmol/mol(ppb)
Zero noise <1ppb(RMS)
LOD 2ppb
Zero drift <1ppb/24h
Span drift <5ppb/24h
Response time <120s
Indication error ±2%F.S.
Linerarity <1%F.S.
Sampling flow range 800cm3/min±10%
Ambient temp 5-40℃
Power 220V-240V,50/60Hz,400w
Weight <15kg
Dimension 178mm*432mm*613mm
Analog output 10V,5V,1V,0.1V(optional)
Communication RS232,RS485

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