AM-5302 Ammonia Analyzer

AM-5302 Ammonia Analyzer

AM-5302 Ammonia Analyzer

Overview Of AM-5302 Ammonia Analyzer

Ammonia analyzer adopts chemiluminescence principle to detect ammonia gas in ambient air, equipped with ammonia reformer and sampling system. The range can be selected between 0-500ppb and 0-2000ppb. The ammonia analyzer is able to reduce ammonia absorption through control of internal sampling gas flow processing of sampling gas path to ensure the response time as well as accurate control of concentration.

Principle Of AM-5302 Ammonia Analyzer

During operation process, sample gas passes through external reformer first. This type of air pollution analyzer converts NH3,into NO under effect of catalyst. With the original NO in air, it will disply total concentration value of NO. In next cycle period, the analyzer measures NO concentration in air. The difference between the above two values is the concentration of NH3.

Features Of AM-5302 Ammonia Analyzer

  • measuring range:0-500ppb or 0-2000ppb(selectable)
  • O3 device can adjust O3 generating concentration as required
  • Respeciively disply concentration of NH3, HN,NO2 and NOx
  • With temperature and pressure compensation
  • Timed dark current compensation
  • Screen is with color disply and touch control
  • Continuous self-inspection with alarm function
  • Large-capacity memory; store historical data automatically
  • O3 generator with osmotic drying pipe
  • Bidirectional RS232 port for remote control

Technical Index Of AM-5302 Ammonia Analyzer

Item Specification
Measuring Principle Chemiluminiscence method and catalytic conversion
Range 0-500nmol/mol, 0-2000nmol/mol(ppb)
Zero noise ≤1ppb
Minimum detection limit ≤2ppb
Span noise ≤5ppb
Indicating error ±2%F.S.
Linearity <1%F.S.
Zero drift(24h) 1nmol/mol(ppb)
Span drift(7days) ≤5nmol/mol(ppb)
Response time 120s(T90)
Flow 400-600sccm
Working temperature 20-40℃
Output RS232,RS485,digital output,4-20mA analog output
Analyzer dimension 425mm*219mm*600mm
Convertor dimension 425mm*219mm*500mm

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