AM-5401 Portable Ozone Analyzer

AM-5401 Portable Ozone Analyzer

AM-5401 Portable Ozone Analyzer

Overview Of AM-5401 Portable Ozone Analyzer

AM-5401 portable ozone analyzer adopts the principle of untraviolet spectrohotometry and combines with advanced micro-processing technology to provide accurate and reliable low-concentration O3 detection of "ppb-ppm" level, which meets application requirements of atmospferic monitoring.

Features Of AM-5401 Portable Ozone Analyzer

  • This type of air quality monitoring instruments adopts EPA  standard method and Ultraviolet Absorption method
  • With temperature and pressure compensation
  • Modular structure: reduce operation and maintenance cost
  • Long service life, built-in small diaphragms pump with low noise
  • Available complete module, easy to integrated in other systems
  • provide RS232 communication interface and standard Modbus protocol
  • High and low range can be configured

Application Of AM-5401 Portable Ozone Analyzer

Emergency environmental air quality monitoring;
Vehicle environmental air quality monitoring;
Road air quality monitoring;
Personal occupational health monitoring;
Integrated for industrial online ozone concentration monitoring;
Air quality monitoring in small space (such as stadium, park, etc.).

Specification Of AM-5401 Portable Ozone Analyzer

Measuring range:0-500ppb,0-10ppm(adjustable)
Sampling flow range: 800SCCM±10%
Unit:ppb,ppm,ug/m3,mg/m3      Ambient temperature:5-40℃
Zero noise:<0.2ppb(RMS)      Dimension:150*250*300mm
Limit of detection:0.4ppb               Weight:6kg
Zero drift:<1ppb/24h                     Power:200-240V, 50/60Hz,400W
Span drift:<1%/24h                        Analog output: 10V,5V,1V,0.1V9selectable)
Response time: <120s(T90)            Communication:RS232, RS485

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