DMS-100 dust monitor (extrctive)

DMS-100 dust monitor (extrctive)

DMS-100 dust monitor (extrctive)

Overview Of DMS-100 dust monitor (extrctive)

DMS-100 dust tester is a self-developed portable extraction dust monitor, which mainly adopts measuring technology oflaser forward scattering. The key parts of the product are all imported. The tester extracts dust in stack(flue) into dust measuring chamber for measurement. It owns features of high sensitivity, long maintenance-free time, convenient installation, which be can widely applied in ultra-low emission occasions.

Principle Of DMS-100 dust monitor (extrctive)

Under negative pressure effect of jet pump, dust in stack will enter measuring module via sampling rod. It employs forward scattering dust monitor principle of laser to measure dust concentration.
It uses compressed air to purge measuring module for cleaning. After maintenance, user can conduct zeroing by injecting filtered air.
Adjust one-way throttle valve to fix the velocity of dust extraction for measurement.

Features Of DMS-100 dust monitor (extrctive)

  • DMS-100 dust monitors manufactured by continuous emission monitoring system suppliers like ZETIAN adopts laser forward scattering method to measure dust concentration; low detection limit
  • Employ compressed air to purge laser and detector len, clean flow path
  • Support double range switching
  • Portable design, convenient for installation

Specification Of DMS-100 dust monitor (extrctive)

Measurement Data
Principle laser forward scattering principle
Concentration 0-10mg/m3, 50mg/m39customized)
Drift ±2%F.S.
Indication error ±20%
Response time 10s
Detection limit 0.1mg/m3
Laser Wavelength 650nm,power 5mW,voltage 5V
Measurement Condition
Gas hunidity Relative humidity:0-100%RH(non-condensing)
Gas pressure -2KPa ~1kPa
Medium temperature <300℃
Ambient temperature -20℃~﹢50℃
Compressed air No water,no oil,≥0.4MPa,gas consumption 60L/min
Input,Output and Interface
Analog output 4-20mA,maximum load 500Ω
Interface RS485,RS232(optional)
Parameter baud rate 57600(default),8-bit data,1 stop bit, no parity bit
Protocol Standard Modbus protocol, customizable
General Information
Weight 15kg
Dimension 240*250*143.5mm
Power 220VAC/200W

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