EM-5P Portable Flue Gas Analyzer

EM-5P Portable Flue Gas Analyzer

EM-5P Portable Flue Gas Analyzer


EM-5P portable gas monitoring system mainly consists of gas monitoring sensors (SO2, NOx, CO, CO2), sample conditioning unit, sampling unit and heat tracing pipe. The main structural parts include gas sampler and pipeline, sample preconditioning unit and gas analyzer. It is equipped with android
touch screen, having big data storage; with multi-port output; It also has a micro printer for real-time monitoring data.

Feature Of EM-5P Portable Flue Gas Analyzer

  • Low detection limit and temperature-drift;
  • Getting NOx by directly measuring NO and NO2 which without NO2→NO converter;
  • Not affected by the interference of background elements such as dust and H2O;
  • No optical moving parts, high reliability, no interference to the measurement by field;
  • Good portability and mobility.

Application Of EM-5P Portable Flue Gas Analyzer

Apply to multi-level environmental monitoring station, the third party inspection agencies, online analysis instrument production/sales/operations business who do the acceptance of environmental protection, emergency detection, instrument calibration, polluters audits to the industrial flue gas emissions occasions of coal-fired power plants, gas power plants, iron and steel plants, and laboratory gas test, etc.

Specification Of EM-5P Portable Flue Gas Analyzer

Analyzer mode: Normal Temperature-Condensation Water Removal/High Temperature-Full Temperature
Principle: UV DOAS (SO2, NO), electrochemistry (O2), electrochemistry/TD-LAS (CO), infrared (CO2)
Response Time: ≤90s (T90)
Warm-up Time: normal temperature 10 minutes/high temperature 40 minutes
Power Supply: 220VAC±22V, normal temperature 50W/high temperature 350W
Range: 0~50~1500mg/m3 (SO2/NO/NO2) , 0~25% (O2) , 0~500~10000ppm(CO) ,0~65% (CO2)
Linearity Error: ≤2%F.S.
Zero Drift: ≤±2%F.S./24h
Span Drift: ≤±2%F.S./24h
Working Temp.: 5℃~45℃
Working Humidity: 0~85%RH
Dimension: 498mm×182mm×236mm
Weight: about 12kg

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