HM-200 Hygronom

HM-200 Hygronom

HM-200 Hygronom


Hygronom is used to measure the humidity of flue gas emitted by pollution sources. According to measured humidity, it converts wet gas concentration into dry gas concentration. In addition, it also can be used in industrial online humidity monitoring.

HM-200 hygronom (online precision humidity meter) is an intelligent humidity/ oxygen transmitter, which employs microprocessor as the core, and frequency conversion icon oxygen sensor as a measuring unit. The installation method adopts a heat tracing pipeline installation. It is a self-developed product, of which, the core component is from Switzerland.

Under the effect of the air pump, the flue gas inside the stack enters the measurement module after heating from the heat tracing probe. The whole process of extraction, measurement, and discharge is with heat tracing to prevent gas from condensation, which will affect the measurement of moisture in the flue gas. The flue gas enters the measurement module after heating and the frequency conversion icon oxygen sensor will start to measure gas concentration. After the measurement, the gas can get into an analyzer for the measurement of other components.

Features Of HM-200 Hygronom

  • Portable structure, easy to install and disassemble
  • Able to measure the humidity of 300℃ flue gas
  • Able to match with the large-scale system for measurement or independent measurement
  • The probe is equipped with heat tracing function to prevent condensate water from damaging probe and affecting measuring value
  • Imported core components with high-performance index and reliability

Technical Parameter Of HM-200 Hygronom

Measurement range

O2: 0~25.00%, H2O: 0~40.00% (volume ratio )


Frequency conversion icon oxygen sensor (2)


0~1%   O2:±1.5%F.S.

0~25%  O2:±1.5% of measured value

0~40.00%  H2O:±1%F.S.


0~1%   O2:±1.5%F.S./7d

0~25%  O2:±1.5%/7d of measured value

0~40.00%  H2O:±1%F.S./7d

Response time


Sensor life

>2 years (under normal use)

Transmitter life

>5 years (under normal use)

Power supply


Instrument weight

Net weight about 2.25kg  (include operation panel)

Ambient temperature

Transmitter: -10°C~+50°C

Probe: 0~300℃  (except probe cable)

Ambient humidity


Power consumption

Maximum about 35VA (heating)

Under normal working: 30~31W

Sample gas flow


Analog output (2 sets)

Settable 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-1-5-10V, 1-5V


Rs485 (standard)/RS232 (optional)

Application Of HM-200 Hygronom

It can be widely applied in high-temperature (300℃) gas (such as desulfuration and denitration) humidity measurement of Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS), humidity measurement and control in fields including wood, building material, papermaking, chemical industry, fiber, pharmacy, textile, tobacco, vegetable and food processing.
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