HM-200C Heat Tracing Hygronom (Resistance-Capacitance)

HM-200C Heat Tracing Hygronom (Resistance-Capacitance)

HM-200C Heat Tracing Hygronom (Resistance-Capacitance)

Overview Of HM-200C Heat Tracing Hygronom (Resistance-Capacitance)

High-temperature hygronom is also called high-temperature moisture meter or high-temperature dew-point meter, which is used to measure the humidity of flue gas emitted by pollution source. According to measured humidity, it converts wet gas concentration into dry gas concentration, widely applied in industrial online humidity monitoring.

HM-200C heating tracing hygronom (resistance-capacitance) is a self-developed product manufactured by ZETIAN, one of the best continuous emission monitoring system suppliers. It employs microprocessor as the core, and imported high-temperature resistance-capacitance temperature & humidity sensor as measuring unit, matched with multiple signal output methods including 4-20mA, RS232, RS485 and etc. The installation method adopts a heat tracing pipeline installation.  During the sampling process of CMES, it measures the humidity of flue gas and transmits the data to IPC through RS232.

Features Of HM-200C Heat Tracing Hygronom (Resistance-Capacitance)

1. Adopt imported high-temperature temperature & humidity sensor with CE certification; able to measure accurately and steadily.
2. Self-contained temperature compensation; temperature variation has little effect on humidity; high measurement linearity.
3. Multiple output methods are available for selection, which are widely applicable to different on-site platforms.
4. Small and compact structure, able to be integrated into the CEMS system; not only can measure humidity and participate in calculations, but also reduce flange trepanning on site.
5. Built-in ultrafilter to prevent dust interference.
6. The whole process is accompanied by high temperature tracing to avoid water condensation and sample gas corrosion, effectively ensuring the accuracy and service life of the sensor.

Technical Parameter Of HM-200C Heat Tracing Hygronom (Resistance-Capacitance)

Technical parameter

Humidity range

0~40%Vol / 0~100%RH

Humidity accuracy

<±1.5%RH (5 ~ 95%RH)

Humidity stability


Humidity response time



Output signal


Service voltage


Working condition requirement

Working humidity


Working temperature

-30°C ~ +200°C

Mechanical performance


Stainless Steel

Probe dimension


Circuit board dimension


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