LGT-180 Extractive Laser Gas Analyzer

LGT-180 Extractive Laser Gas Analyzer

LGT-180 Extractive Laser Gas Analyzer


LGT-180 online gas analyzer is a 19 panel mounted type tunable laser gas analyzer for industrial online analysis and environmental on-line monitoring. The analyzers combine TDLAS technology and multiple reflection long optical path technology that can analyze a variety of gas including O2, CO2, NH3, H2S, CO, CH4, H2O. Reflected light can be customized according to the working condition demand, the measured gas concentration ranges from constants to the trace.

Features Of LGT-180 Extractive Laser Gas Analyzer

• Compact structure, easy integration
19 standard 3U panel chassis, modular design, easy integration with other instruments.

• Strong anti-interference capability, high precision, small drift
Adopting wavelength-modulation-spectroscopy allows the better anti-interference capability of background gas and higher reliability.

• Low detection limit, high sensitivity
Multiple reflection technology achieves optical path up to 25m, improving the detection limit greatly. The sensitivity can reach the ppm level or even ppb level for some components.

• Excellent adaptability
For applications in a corrosive environment, all parts of LGT-180 exposed to sample gas are made of corrosion-resistant material. The system adopts the sampling measurement method. It can be directly installed in the process pipe to sample, process and analyze, no moving parts, high reliability.

Technical Parameter Of LGT-180 Extractive Laser Gas Analyzer



Linearity Error


Span Drift

≤±1% F.S./half year

Zero Drift

≤±1% F.S./half year

Calibration cycle

2 times/year

Response Time

≤30s (according to work condition)

Analog Output

2× 4-20mA output

Analog Input   

2× 4-20mA input

Digital Communications


Working Temp


Purge Gas

 0.3MPa ~ 0.8MPa N2, clean air

Power supply


Application Of LGT-180 Extractive Laser Gas Analyzer

Apply to the gas analysis of metallurgical furnaces, petrochemical chemical refining, urea chlor-alkali manufacturing process, industrial flue gas DeNOx, waste incineration, and process control of cement production combustion thermal combustion.
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