LGT-410 Laser Gas Analyzer

LGT-410 Laser Gas Analyzer

LGT-410 Laser Gas Analyzer

Overview Of LGT-410 Laser Gas Analyzer

LGT-410 laser gas analyzer is an analyzer developed based on  TDLAS technology platform. Conbined TDLAS Technology with Multi-reflection long optical path technology, it has lower detection limit, and can analyze multiple gases including trace CO, CH4,HCl,HF,etc. The laser gas analyzer is widely applicable to industrial and environmental online monitoring.

Specification Of LGT-410 Laser Gas Analyzer

Indication error:≤±2%F.S. Anlog output: 2*4-20mA output(isolation,max load of 750Ω)
Repeatability: ≤0.75% Analog input:2*24mA input(temp. pressure compensation)
Span drift:≤±2%F.S./24h Digital output:RS485, RS232,GPRS
Zero drift:≤±2%F.S./24h Relay output: 3*output(24V,1A)
Maintenance period:≤2times/year Power: 100VAC-240VAC
Calibration period: ≤2times/year Ambient tempertaure: -20~+60℃
Response time: ≤60s Instalation method:sampling installation

Features Of LGT-410 Laser Gas Analyzer

  • Reflected light path is adjustable: the measurement range of the air pollution analyzer is from constant to trace
  • Adopt Single Line Spectrum technology: the measurement is free from cross interference of background gas
  • Adopt Wavelength Modulation Technology:with better signal-to-noise ratio and ability to resist dust and background gas interference
  • With low detection limit and high sensitivity; the white pool is adopted to absorb the return of optical path; optical path can reach 25cm and the detection limit can achieve "ppm level"
  • With auto diagnosis to record and save fault alarm information
  • Modular design:simple installation and maintenance

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