PEMS-1000 Portable On-board Emission Test System

PEMS-1000 Portable On-board Emission Test System

PEMS-1000 Portable On-board Emission Test System


The PEMS-1000 portable On-board Emission Test System is a kind of portable analysis device used for real-time detection of vehicle engine exhaust, measuring related technical requirements for exhaust emission test of light-duty vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles and non-road machinery. The system, adopting integrated design to install on the measured vehicle, consists of gas measurement unit, exhaust parameter measurement unit, environmental parameter measurement unit, vehicle satelite positioning unit and general configuration unit. The system owns features of excellent performance, low energy consumption, small size, light weight, less failure and simple maintenance, etc.

  • Integrated design reduces time of installation and wiring
  • Configured with large screen, support dual modes including PC remote control and screen operation
  • Detect sampling flow in real time;stop measurement automatically and alarm if the flow is low
  • Adaptive to elevation of 0-2500m;indicator error meets the requirements
  • Self-developed more detection platform, with powerful competitiveness
  • Less maintanance and low maintanance cost
  • Strong ability to resist cross interference, without affecting by background gas composition like moisture and particulate matters, etc.
  • Adopt spectroscopy to measure NO2 directly, solving problem of low conversion efficiency and attenuation of converter

  • Random inspection of vehicle compliance for department of ecology and environment, providing the basis for national/local emission regulations
  • Vehicle emission test and vehicle compliance self-inspection for automobile manufacturers
  • Research on vehicle fuel combustion and exhaust emission for scientific research instituations and universities
  • Vehicle emission detection for auto inspection center

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