SO2 Gas Analyzer

SO2 Gas Analyzer

Practical application of sulfur dioxide gas detector:

  • Public places: In crowded places, such as meeting rooms, classrooms, exhibition halls, hospitals, shopping malls, bars, restaurants, airports, train stations, entertainment halls, SO2 gas analyzer can be installed for ventilation control and environmental quality monitoring. To protect people's health.

  • Industry: SO2 gas analyzers are widely used in industry, such as wastewater treatment, safe production, and especially downhole operations that require monitoring of the concentration of sulfur dioxide. The so2 gas analyzer is usually used in industries related to sulfur dioxide such as metal processing, pulp and paper, cleaning and solvent extraction, and low-temperature cleaning.

SO2 Gas Analyzer

  • Agriculture: Sulfur dioxide is related to the photosynthesis of plants, so it can be used in agriculture. Appropriate concentration of gas fertilizer can increase the yield of agricultural crops. When the concentration of sulfur dioxide is insufficient, gas fertilizer can be used, which is of great help to the growth of vegetable plants and the increase of vegetable yield.

  • Animal husbandry: The air quality is related to the healthy growth of animals. If the air is turbid for a long time, the concentration of sulfur dioxide is high, and the ventilation is not good, it will cause the animals to get sick or cause the epidemic to spread. Therefore, installing SO2 gas analyzers on farms can prevent animal epidemics to a certain extent.

COD Analysis Method of COD Analyser

The COD test uses a chemical that“oxidizes” both organic predominate and inorganic substances in a wastewater sample, which results in a higher COD concentration than BOD concentration for the same wastewater sample since only organic compounds are consumed.
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