The Common Problems and Solutions in the Operation of Continuous Monitoring System of Flue Gas Emission

The Common Problems and Solutions in the Operation of Continuous Monitoring System of Flue Gas Emission

Cems analyzer (referred to as cems analyzer) is a common online continuous emission monitoring system, and an important online instrument for the normal operation of thermal power plants and the monitoring and transmission of environmental protection data. Next, we will analyze the abnormal phenomena during the operation of the cems analyzer and propose solutions to ensure the reliable and stable operation of the online continuous emission monitoring system.

1. Reason analysis and treatment of abnormal data

According to the cems analyzer process, any failure of any link will cause abnormal measurement data. When there is an abnormal data situation, make a preliminary judgment based on the actual situation, starting from the most likely component of the failure to conduct item-by-item investigation until the equipment operates normally.

(1) The zero point or span drift of the cems analyser. The zero point or span drift of the analyzer will not be displayed intuitively. You can only judge whether there is zero point or span drift through comparative analysis.

(2) The analyzer shows that the oxygen content exceeds or falls below the normal value. When the oxygen content measurement value is higher than the normal value, check whether there is leakage in the sampling pipeline; when the oxygen content is low or there is no display, check whether the oxygen sensor is normal, or replace it.

(3) The moisture content in the gas path is large. Check whether the sampling probe and the heating device of the heating pipeline are working properly; blow back the sampling pipeline to remove the moisture in the pipeline.

(4) The analyzer is malfunctioning. In addition to equipment aging, analyzer damage is mostly caused by poor sample gas pretreatment. Repair or replace the analyzer, and check the heating condition of the sampling pipeline and the working condition of the pretreatment equipment.

2. The sample cems gas flow is abnormal

Abnormal flow is generally the flow is lower than the normal value or no flow display. Check whether the rotameter is stuck; if the rotameter is normal, check whether the entire sampling pipeline is leaking or blocked.

3. Abnormal temperature, pressure and flow data

Check whether the corresponding measuring element is normal and whether the sampling pipeline is unblocked.

4. Abnormal value of ammonia escape measurement

Check whether the energy value of the ammonia escape analyzer is normal, whether the probe has dust accumulation, whether the light is normal, and whether the sealed fan works normally.

5. The measured value of particulate matter is abnormal

Check whether the power supply of the dust meter is normal and whether the dust meter is damaged; check whether the lens of the probe is clean, otherwise clean it; whether the purge compressed air is normally put in.

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