The Introduction and Working Principle of Online Flue Gas Monitoring System

The Introduction and Working Principle of Online Flue Gas Monitoring System

1. Introduction to online flue gas monitoring

Online flue gas monitoring is a continuous automatic monitoring device for the concentration of pollutants emitted by the flue gas of a fixed pollution source. The monitoring data reflects the production situation in real time, provides a basis for production operators to operate equipment, and also provides emission monitoring information for environmental protection departments. Therefore, the operational stability of online flue gas monitoring is very important. 

The online flue gas analyzer uses an important online monitoring system for the normal operation of many large factories and environmental protection data monitoring and transmission. It is mainly used in thermal power generation, heating boilers, cement building materials, metal smelting and other industries. The working principle of the CEMS monitoring system adopts the direct extraction method, which can continuously monitor particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, oxygen content, flue gas temperature, air pressure, flue gas flow, flue gas humidity, and can also expand carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide on specific occasions, and measure carbon, humidity, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine and other parameters.

2. The principle of the online flue gas monitoring system

Its operating principle is to take out the gas in the flue through the heating extraction method (extraction and condensation method) and transport it to the pretreatment unit, and the pretreatment unit sends the gas in the flue to the analysis instrument after pretreatment. Continuously monitor a variety of pollutants in the flue gas through an online flue gas analysis instrument (flue gas analyzer), display the measurement data on the instrument, and finally transmit the monitoring data to the environmental protection monitoring network in real time through the environmental protection data acquisition instrument or VPN.

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