The Structure and Characteristics of the Water Analyzer Instrument

The Structure and Characteristics of the Water Analyzer Instrument

Ⅰ. Sample module of water analyzer instrument

Water analyzer instrument self-made sampling module uses high-purity PTFE material. It is detachable, easy to clean or replace, reliable in operation, and each channel is completely isolated.

Ⅱ. Control System of water analyzer instrument

(1) The control solenoid valve adopts a non-contact electronic switch, which has no mechanical life.

(2) After years of verification, it has low failure rate, high reliability, modular design and low maintenance cost.

Water analyzer instrument has high intelligence, such as reagent failure warning (especially H2SO4 used in COD, if it is not H2SO4, it may cause the digestive tube to burst), leakage protection (if there is a leak, the instrument will report an error) , Pressure relief valve (to keep the pressure in the digestive tube within a certain range).

All external interfaces of the water analyzer instrument and the main circuit are isolated, which makes normal samples free from external interference. The effects are particularly noticeable for unequal potential connections.

Electrical isolation is also carried out in the analog circuits (measurement modules), thus minimizing interference with measurements.

Measuring components of the water analyzer instrument:

Modulated optical measurement does not affect the impact of external light on the measurement, and water analyzer instrument is more stable.

External interface of the water analyzer instrument:

The largest configuration has 2 × 4-20 mA output, 4 × 4-20 mA input, 2 switch inputs, 2 switch outputs; you can access the PH meter, flowmeter and other equipments, which can be displayed on the main interface.

Ⅲ. The role of water quality analyzer

The water analyzer instrument can measure common pollution factors in the water, including chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen and heavy metals, such as copper, chromium, lead, zinc, mercury, arsenic, etc. At the same time, our water analyzer equipment, using full-spectrum colorimetric platform or anode dissolution platform, can also realize COD/ammonia nitrogen integrated system, total phosphorus/total nitrogen integrated system and various heavy metal integrated systems.

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