Usage, Classification and Characteristics of Device to Test Water Quality

Usage, Classification and Characteristics of Device to Test Water Quality


The working principle of general device to test water quality is to involve the corresponding substances in water by electrochemical reaction or chemical reagent reaction, and then calculate the content of the corresponding substances in water by colorimetry, titration and conductivity measurement. In order to protect the water environment in production and life, it is necessary to strengthen the monitoring of sewage discharge. The quality of drinking water is declining, which is harmful to human health. Water quality measurement devices play an important role in environmental protection, water quality detection and water resources protection.


Water quality analyzer is divided into multi-parameter measuring instrument and single-parameter measuring instrument according to their functions.

Devices to test water quality are divided into COD, BOD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, turbidity and PH meters.

Device to test water quality can be divided into portable measuring instrument, Laboratory Intelligent Measuring instrument, simple economic measuring instrument, online measuring instrument and so on.

Functional features:

1. Patent technology of micro processing, humanized design, large screen display, flowchart text display, simple operation;

2. Unique combination concept, which can measure up to 10 kinds of measurement indexes routinely or quickly, and store 20 sets of measurement data according to need.

3. Humanized and unique design, which can realize portable water quality analyzer, desktop and hanging measurement methods according to specific conditions and site conditions.

4. Conventional power supply configuration, low power prompt, can be set according to user needs 0 to 120 minutes automatic shutdown;

5. Portable packaging, waterproof, anti-vibration rubber design, economical consumables, suitable for all kinds of water quality, sudden, rapid and routine monitoring of Watershed.
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