What is the Ftir Gas Analyzer and Its Characteristics?

What is the Ftir Gas Analyzer and Its Characteristics?

The ftir gas analyzer uses Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy technology to detect the infrared spectrum of unknown gaseous substances and compare it with the fingerprints of thousands of known compounds in the database for identification. It is a simple, quick, effective solution for identification of a variety of gaseous samples. Ftir gas analyzer is the only instrument to quickly identify potentially toxic and harmful gases and vapors, and is also the best choice for identifying unknown gases. It is mainly used for on-site analysis of high temperature, damp heat, and corrosive gases, and can be used in the fields of emergency monitoring, pollution source investigation, labor hygiene, fire protection, chemical protection and other fields.


8 features of ftir gas analyzer:


1. Wide types of test gases: thousands of organic and inorganic gases.


2. Original stack analysis: applicable for high temperature, high humidity and corrosive gas.


3. High resolution: a variety of resolutions are available, the scanning speed is adjustable, and it is flexibly suitable for various working conditions.


4. The built-in zirconia sensor can measure the oxygen content in parallel.


5. Post-installed sampling system effectively avoids secondary pollution of sample gas.


6. Wide scanning spectral range: stronger qualitative ability.


7. The solid-state laser VCSEL, the reference light source does not require routine maintenance and has a long service life.


8. Maintenance-free DTGS detector of high-performance, long-life, and normal temperature state.

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