Working Principles and Equipment of CEMS

Working Principles and Equipment of CEMS

How to limit pollutant discharge is of great significance to environmental protection. Previous monitoring of industrial fume emissions adopted the conventional method of inserting a sampling head into a flue for sampling, which are analyzed in the laboratory to determine the amount of pollutants in fume. This method is time consuming and unavailable to provide long-term, continuous and systematic test data, so a more convenient and fast method than manual sampling is needed to accurately determine the pollutants in flue gas. In recent years, flue gas CEMS has developed to meet this demand that the emission and rate of pollutants in the flue gas can be easily detected through the system and the data results can be transmitted to the management department through DAS. The following will introduce the working principle and equipment of several kinds of CEMS.

1. What kind of gas does high temperature gas analyzer detect?

High temperature gas analyzer, also called gas hygrometer or dew meter, is used for measuring humidity of fume in pollutant emission. Moisture concentration is transferred to dry gas concentration according to measured moisture. Besides, it can be applied in industrial online moisture monitoring.

The principle can be proved by a simple experiment. If a polished metal surface is put in the air with relative humidity less than 100% and cooled, RH close to the surface will arrive at 100% with the temperature dropping to a certain value when there will be dew on the surface. It's because the moisture in the air reached saturation in this temperature that the water film adherent to the cold surface and moisture in the air stay in a dynamic balance. That is, the number of water molecules leaving in the unit time is equal to that returning to the surface.

2. What is the accuracy of precision hygrometer?

Precision humidity meter is an intelligent humidity/oxygen transmitter which starts with microprocessors as the core component and variable frequency icon oxygen sensor as measuring unit. It has simple structure and convenient installation and disassembly, which can measure the humidity of 300℃ fume, matching large or independent test system. The probe of precision hygrometer is equipped has thermal tracking to prevent the probe from being damaged by condensed water and affecting the measurement value, thus ensuring the measurement accuracy.

3. How to measure the dust by dust particle monitor?

Dust particle monitor is suitable for air sampling in industrial hygiene and occupational safety, which can live preview the dust concentration and record data. It can choose different ways for samplings based on different requirements, which is easy to carry and built in sampling pump.

Dust particle monitor can measure the particle concentration and size as well as keep automatic recording. It's possible for the monitor with back reflection to real time read the mass concentration of aerosol. The special air circuit system isolated aerosol from optical chamber, ensures the cleaning of optical components, prolongs service life and reduces the maintenance expense.

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