ZETIAN Technology Brings You the EM-5 Flue Gas Analyser

ZETIAN Technology Brings You the EM-5 Flue Gas Analyser

EM-5 flue gas analyzer adopts ultraviolet differential optical absorption spectroscopy (DOAS) technology, which can measure the concentration of SO2, NO, NO2, NH3, H2S, CI2, HCI and other gases, with high measurement accuracy, good reliability and fast response and other characteristics. The EM-5 flue gas analyser is a key system for online gas analyser, which can be widely used in thermal power plants, waste incineration plants, chlor-alkali plants, industrial boilers and furnaces, etc., for online monitoring and process control such as desulfurization and out-of-stock.

1. Working principle

The working principle of EM-5 flue analyser is based on Lambert-Beer law, and its analysis method belongs to ultraviolet absorption spectroscopy.

The measurement unit of the flue gas analyser is composed of components such as a light source, a gas chamber, an optical fiber, and a spectrometer. The ultraviolet light emitted by the light source enters the gas chamber through the optical window, and is absorbed by the sample gas flowing through the gas chamber. The light carrying the absorption information of the sample gas is converged by the lens and then coupled into the optical fiber, and sent to the spectrometer through the optical fiber for spectroscopy processing, then you can get the gas absorption spectrum.

Through differential analysis of the spectrum, combined with chemometric algorithms, the concentration of related components in the gas can be obtained.

2. System Features

1) Using ultraviolet spectrum analysis technology and differential absorption spectrum algorithm, it is the most accurate online analysis method for Cl2 gas at present. Compared with non-spectroscopic infrared analyzers, it has no cross interference, which is not affected by smoke, dust, and moisture, and has a small temperature drift. Etc;

2) Utilizing the different absorption strength of gas in different bands, it can realize automatic range switching, large dynamic range, non-dispersive infrared technology and non-dispersive ultraviolet technology;

3) Using pulsed light source, the lifespan can reach 10 years. The pulsed light source is a kind of cold light source. Compared with infrared light source, it has the advantages of long life, no warm-up time and good stability;

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