Continuous Emission Monitoring & Process Control

Continuous Emission Monitoring & Process Control

The instruments and analyzers produced by Zetian now are widely used at home and abroad. They are: UV DOAS gas analyzer, laser TDLAS gas analyzer, gas analysis module, forward/backward laser dust monitoring devices, hygroscope for high temperature, continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS), denitration escape ammonia analyzer, sulphur analyzer, trace Cl analyzer system, immersive UV broad spectrum water analyzer, ammonia nitrogen analyzer, colorimetric heavy analyzer, anodic stripping voltammetry heavy metal analyzer etc.

After years of developing, Zetian has cooperated with and attracted many worldwide clients of online monitoring and process control, including system integrator, agents, operation and maintenance providers, equipment manufacturers, thermal power plants, sewage treatment plants, chemical plants and the like.
What we can offer are high cost-effective intellectual monitoring instrumentation and analysis equipment, analysis module /component, CEMS program sets, complete set of water quality analysis program and other similar products. OEM and ODM are acceptable for us, and we can also provide operation, maintenance and other services.

Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) consists of particulate matter monitoring subsystem, gaseous pollutants  monitoring subsystem , flue gas parameters monitoring subsystem, system control and data acquisition and processing subsystem. It can monitor gases such as SO2, NOx, O2, dust, temperature, pressure, flow rate, humidity, etc. It can also be extended for a specific occasion to monitor HCl, HF, CO, CO2, NH3, H2S, Cl2, VOC and other parameters. The measured gas passes through sampling probe for dedusting, heating tube for sampling, then goes into the gas analysis module (violet differential optical absorption spectroscopy (DOAS) for analysis measurements. It effectively solves the technical problems of dust and moisture interference on measurement, particularly in the case of low concentration measurements with an unparalleled advantage.

It applies to the emission monitoring and process analysis of coal-fired power plant, garbage power plant, cement, glass, lime factory, ceramics factory, sinter, coke oven, the process of desulfurization and denitration technology.
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