AM-5100 SO2 Analyzer

AM-5100 SO2 Analyzer

AM-5100 SO2 Analyzer

Overview Of Portable SO2 Analyzer

AM-5100 is a portable SO2 analyzer adopts ultraviolet fluorescence technique and combines advanced micro processing technology, which could provide accurate and reliable SO2 detection at low level ppb~ppm.This SO2 gas analyzer can be applied to atmospheric monitoring and dilution-based CEMS monitoring system.

Features Of SO2 Gas Analyzer

  • Measurement range 0~500ppb to 0~20ppm, user selectable;
  • High efficiency hydrocarbon remover and unique optical design, strong anti-interference ability;
  • Dark current compensation at fixed time, high stability;
  • Self checking function of light intensity attenuation;
  • Adaptive signal filtering technology to optimize response time;
  • Large capacity memory, automatic storage of historical data.

Application Of SO2 Gas Analyzer

Our SO2 gas analyzer is a type of air pollution analyzer used for atmospheric monitoring.

1. Public places: places with dense personnel, such as conference rooms, classrooms, exhibition halls, hospitals, shopping malls, bars, restaurants, airports, railway stations, entertainment halls, etc., sulfur dioxide gas detectors can be installed for ventilation control and environmental quality monitoring. To protect people's health.

2. Industry: SO2 gas analyzer can be widely used in industry, such as wastewater treatment, safety production, especially underground operation. It is very necessary to monitor the concentration of sulfur dioxide. Sulfur dioxide gas detectors can be widely used in industries related to sulfur dioxide, such as metal processing, pulp and paper making, cleaning and solvent extraction, and low-temperature cleaning.

3. Agriculture: sulfur dioxide is related to plant photosynthesis. Therefore, the SO2 gas analyzer can be widely used in agriculture. Proper concentration of air fertilizer can improve the yield of agricultural crops. When the concentration of sulfur dioxide is insufficient, gas fertilizer can be used, which is very helpful for the growth of vegetable plants and the improvement of vegetable yield.

4. Animal husbandry: air quality is related to the healthy growth of animals. If the air is turbid for a long time, the concentration of sulfur dioxide is high, and there is no ventilation, it will lead to animal disease or epidemic outbreak. Therefore, the installation of a SO2 gas analyzer in the farm can prevent the occurrence of animal epidemic.

Specification Of SO2 Analyzer

Range: 0~500ppb, wide range 0~20,000ppb (optional)
Unit: ppb, ppm, ug/m3, mg/m3
Zero Point Noise: <0.2ppb (RMS)
Low Detection Limit: 0.4ppb
Zero Drift: <1ppb/24h
Span Drift: <5ppb/24h
Response Time: <120s (T90)
Linearity: <1%/F.S.
Repeatability: <1%
Sampling Flow Range: 800SCCM±10%
Ambient Temp.: 5℃~40℃
Dimension: 178mm×430mm×635mm
Weight: <15kg, external pump 5kg
Power: 200V~240V, 50/60Hz, 400W
Analog Output: 10V, 5V, 1V, 0.1V (optional)
Comm.: RS232, RS485

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