AM-5100 SO2 Analyzer

AM-5100 SO2 Analyzer

AM-5100 SO2 Analyzer

Overview Of Portable SO2 Analyzer

AM-5100 is a portable SO2 analyzer adopts ultraviolet fluorescence technique and combines advanced micro processing technology, which could provide accurate and reliable SO2 detection at low level ppb~ppm.This SO2 gas analyzer can be applied to atmospheric monitoring and dilution-based CEMS monitoring system.

Features Of SO2 Gas Analyzer

  • Measurement range 0~500ppb to 0~20ppm, user selectable;
  • High efficiency hydrocarbon remover and unique optical design, strong anti-interference ability;
  • Dark current compensation at fixed time, high stability;
  • Self checking function of light intensity attenuation;
  • Adaptive signal filtering technology to optimize response time;
  • Large capacity memory, automatic storage of historical data.

Application Of SO2 Gas Analyzer

Our SO2 gas analyzer is a type of air pollution analyzer used for atmospheric monitoring.

Specification Of SO2 Analyzer

Range: 0~500ppb, wide range 0~20,000ppb (optional)
Unit: ppb, ppm, ug/m3, mg/m3
Zero Point Noise: <0.2ppb (RMS)
Low Detection Limit: 0.4ppb
Zero Drift: <1ppb/24h
Span Drift: <5ppb/24h
Response Time: <120s (T90)
Linearity: <1%/F.S.
Repeatability: <1%
Sampling Flow Range: 800SCCM±10%
Ambient Temp.: 5℃~40℃
Dimension: 178mm×430mm×635mm
Weight: <15kg, external pump 5kg
Power: 200V~240V, 50/60Hz, 400W
Analog Output: 10V, 5V, 1V, 0.1V (optional)
Comm.: RS232, RS485

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