Vehicle Exhaust Remote Sensing System

Vehicle Exhaust Remote Sensing System

The automobile exhaust remote sensing system has attracted more and more people's attention and attention because of its advantages of speed, convenience, and wide monitoring range. It can monitor the exhaust gas of gasoline vehicles and diesel vehicles without affecting normal driving, and identify high-emission vehicles among moving vehicles.

Through data communication technology, the integrated management of automobile exhaust emission data is realized. For vehicle pollution prevention and control management departments and vehicle inspection agencies, the establishment of the system can provide system support for the comprehensive management of road exhaust pollution status data of specific vehicles, collection of over-standard vehicles, and on-site inspection data for inspections.

Car emissions test equipment system can be divided into mobile remote sensing systems and fixed remote sensing systems. Fixed remote sensing systems are divided into two types, horizontal fixed and vertical fixed. They can be installed on urban main roads for continuous vehicle measurement, while mobile remote sensing systems can determine the location and time of measurement and become an effective supplement to fixed-point remote sensing measurement.

Feature of Vehicle Exhaust Remote Sensing System:

Movable Type:

  • Calibration system integration
  • Narrow-brand radar speed measurement, strong anti-interference ability
  • Convenient Optical path adjustment, 15-minute layout
  • WIFI wireless data transmission, convenient for site checking
  • Highly integrated design, small size and light

Horizontal Stationary Type:

  • Real-time data matching, convenient and accurate
  • Passive design at the reflection end, reduce installation difficulty
  • Adopt imported laser device with excellent performance and high reliability
  • Vertical multiple-point detection of vehicle position, measure exhaust gas more accurate and timely.

Vertical Stationary Type:

  • Real-time data matching
  • Gasoline-diesel integration design
  • Remote operation and management, convenient for operation and maintenance
  • Integrated intelligent calibration system, more convenient for operation
  • Optomechanics design with independent intellectual property, strong anti-interference ability

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