WDet-5000 Ammonia-Nitrogen Online Automatic Analyzer

WDet-5000 Ammonia-Nitrogen Online Automatic Analyzer

WDet-5000 Ammonia-Nitrogen Online Automatic Analyzer

Overview Of WDet-5000 Ammonia-Nitrogen Online Automatic Analyzer Wastewater

WDet-5000 is a self-developed ammonia-nitrogen online monitoring analyzer wastewater, based on the global initiative magnetic conductivity measurement platform, combining with constant optical fiber and digestion colorimetric integration technology. The ammonia-nitrogen automatic online monitoring analyzer wastewater has the features, including high precision, low detection limit, high stability and low maintenance frequency.

This ammonia analyzer wastewater works in accordance with the technical requirements of HJ/T 536-2009 Water Quality Ammonia-Nitrogen Measurement-Salicylic Acid Method, fully meets the pollution sources, municipal wastewater, industrial processes in the application areas, and has passed the certification of CMC and CCEP.

Features Of WDet-5000 Ammonia-Nitrogen Online Automatic Analyzer Wastewater

High accuracy and reliability, strong capability of anti-interference
● Magnetic conductivity measurement technology used on the ammonia-nitrogen analyzer wastewater will be not affected by chromaticity, suspended solids, and bubbles, especially suitable for the monitoring of inlet water
● The ammonia-nitrogen analyzer wastewater has a special design of flow and reagent ratio, high precision, low detection limit(0.01mg/L)
The ammonia-nitrogen analyzer wastewater adopts constant optical fiber and light intensity compensation algorithm, small drift for long-term operation

Low maintenance and cost
The ammonia-nitrogen analyzer wastewater has a key self-check function, easy to debug, maintain, comparison test
The ammonia-nitrogen analyzer wastewater has a self-diagnosis function, assisting maintainer to analyze the failure
● This type of water analyzer instrument importes single-channel high integration valve island which is simple and easy to maintain, dismantle and clean
The ammonia-nitrogen analyzer wastewater has all-day networking for real-time inspection of instrument running state

High intelligent level
● Scan code function: rapidly obtain running/maintenance information of the the ammonia-nitrogen analyzer wastewater
● Alarm function: the ammonia-nitrogen analyzer wastewater provides intuitive and accurate information for grounding self-check, reagent insufficiency and etc
● Quality control: the ammonia-nitrogen analyzer wastewater is equipped with a parallel sample test, standard sample verification, and standard recovery rate detection
● Reverse control function: the ammonia-nitrogen analyzer wastewater starts automatically by flow and PH

Technical Specification Of WDet-5000 Ammonia-Nitrogen Online Automatic Analyzer Wastewater


Water Quality Ammonia-Nitrogen Measurement-Salicylic Acid Method



Zero Drift


Span Drift


Indication Error




Memory Effect

20%F.S. ±0.3mg/L                                        

80% F.S. ±0.2mg/L


Hourly and interval measurement, and the instrument can also be started

by serial port


<2 hour/month


Lower Limit


Quality Control

Sample Comparison


Water Sample





1 set reagents is able for about 250 times of measurement (can be

customized according to field needs)



1×4-20mA input/output (expandable to 2 )

RS485/RS232/USB interface/WIFI/ Bluetooth (optional)

Working Temp



200W (220VAC 50Hz), regardless of the pump

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