AM-5200 NOx Analyzer

AM-5200 NOx Analyzer

AM-5200 NOx Analyzer

Overview Of AM-5200 NOx Analyzer

NOx analyzer adopts chemiluminescence method and combines with advanced microprocessor technology. It provides accurate and reliable detection of NOx at ppb~ppm level which meets the requirements of ambient gas monitoring and online monitoring of pollution source with dilution method. The operation principle is based on chemiluminescence method. After absorbing the chemical energy and the reacting with O3, NO is inspired to excited state and once it returns to ground state, it will release energy in form of light quantum. The intensity of light emission is directly proportional to gas concentration, which could realize quantitative measurement. This type of air pollution analyzer can completely control all functions and also provides online instruction for important work parameters. Real time auto compensation for temperature and pressure will be made during measurement.

Features Of AM-5200 NOx Analyzer

  • Measurement range: 0-50ppb to 0-20ppm,(selectable).
  • NO, NO2, NOx is measured separately.
  • Multiple functional operations by microprocessor.
  • Task software is allowed to monitor test data during operation.
  • Continuous self-checking with alarm function.
  • Permeation drying tube equipped with ozone generator.
  • Bidrection RS-232 port for remote control.
  • Digital output working parameter.
  • Response time optimized by signal filter technology of self-adaption.
  • Compensation function for temperature and pressure.
  • USB and Ethernet interface.
  • Colorful display and screen touch operation.
  • Large memory and history data saved automatically.

Specification Of AM-5200 NOx Analyzer

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