AM-5900 Zero Gas Generator

AM-5900 Zero Gas Generator

AM-5900 Zero Gas Generator


The zero gas generator provides clean and dry zero-level air. It is mainly applied to zero calibration of ambient air quality monitoring system or analyzer. It can also be used as flushing gas in permeation tube & furnace and oxidant gas for FID analyzer. Zero gas generator includes external oil-free air compressor, pressure and flow controller, water removal system. Based on adsorption, filter, reaction and other principles, the removers can remove So2, NO, No2, O3, H2S, CO, Nh3, hydrocarbon, particulate matter and output dry and clean air as well. The water removal system inside the analyzer could remove the moisture in the air. The dew point of produced air is lower than -20℃ and it is not effected by the inlet dew point. It contributes to removal of other gases as well as greatly extending servicelife of other chemical removal.

Features Of AM-5900 Zero Gas Generator

  • Strong ability to remove water by adopting three-class water removal system with auto dehydration.
  • Equipped with long-lasting So2, NO, No2, and H2S remover.
  • Equipped with high-efficiency CO and hydrocarbon remover.
  • Generated clean and dry zero gas with stable flow and pressure.
  • Up to 20L/min zero gas flow, output pressure adjustable.
  • Easy operation, less routine maintenance.
  • Cloud be used as flushing gas in permeation ube & furnace and oxidant gas for FID analyzer
  • External air compressor has automatic drainage function under unattended condition.

Specification Of AM-5900 Zero Gas Generator

  • Parameter: Specifications
  • Output: 20 SLPM@30 psl
  • Dew point: -20C reach 15LPM; -10C reach 15LPM+
  • Output concentration: SO,
  • Pump: External, oil-free, long service life
  • Demensions(HXWXL): 53.5cmx42.5cmx 17.5cm
  • Weight: 14kg
  • Power supply: 200-240V. 50/60 Hz. 400W

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