EMS-100 Smokemeter

EMS-100 Smokemeter

EMS-100 Smokemeter

Overview of EMS-100 Smokemeter

EMS-100 Transmission Smokemeter is a kind of divided-flow transmission product, adopting self-developed measuring technology with independent property rights. It can be widely applied in environmental protection departments, vehicle inspection stations, vehicle factories, vehicle repair plants etc.

Features of EMS-100 Smokemeter

  • Measuring method of divided flow; adopt "air curtain" technology to protect optical path and prevent optical system from being polluted by flue gas
  • Employ PID technology to control measuring cell at constant temperature, preventing water in exhaust from condensing and affecting measuring accuracy
  • Configured with RS232 interface and external communication; blue tooth and RS485 interface are optional
  • Mobile power supply is optional
  • Temperature & humidity sensor is optional

Specification of EMS-100 Smokemeter

Item Absorption ratio(N) Optical abs. coef.(K) Flue gas temp.
Unit %


Measuring range 0-100 0-16.04 0-150
Resolution 0.01 0.01 1
MPE(Absolute error) ±2.0
Effective length of optical 251mm Effective length of optical 430mm
Environmental condition Pressure 80.0KPa-110KPa
Temperature 5-40℃
Humidity 5-95%(non-condensing)
Working voltage
DC-24V Power 140w
Dimension 500*160*297mm Communication method
Weight About 6.5kg

Application of EMS-100 Smokemeter

Vehicle Monitoring Station, Vehicle factory, Automobile sales serviceshop
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