WDet-5000CN Cyanide Online Analyzer

WDet-5000CN Cyanide Online Analyzer

WDet-5000CN Cyanide Online Analyzer

Overview Of WDet-5000CN Cyanide Analyzer

Under the condition of the weak acid, cyanide of water sample and chloramine T generate chloramine cyanide; and then react with isonicotinic acid; after the hydrolysis generates pentene dialdehyde, finally, together with barbituric acid generate purple blue compounds, in a certain concentration range, the chroma is proportional to the concentration of cyanide. It applies to the cyanide monitoring of surface water, sewage, and industrial wastewater.

Features Of WDet-5000CN Cyanide Analyzer

High reliability, low maintenance frequency

● Core components of this type of online water quality analyzer are imported, high reliability, long lifetime, suitable for a long time online monitoring
● The WDet-5000CN cyanide analyzer uses photoelectric measurement method and special measuring algorithm
● All parts of ZETIAN cyanide analyzer contact with liquid will be particularly tested to ensure a long service life
● Our WDet-5000CN cyanide analyzer has a specially designed flow path to prevent blocking

Accurate measurement, wide application scope

The WDet-5000CN cyanide analyzer has a photoelectric measurement method, accurate sampling, low sample injection error
ZETIAN cyanide analyzer uses automatic chromaticity and turbidity compensation algorithm, give full consideration to the situation of actual water samples, real and reliable monitoring results
● The WDet-5000CN cyanide analyzer's unique hybrid technology of bubble agitation ensures thorough mixing of samples and reagents

Safe use, efficient analysis

● When a reagent leaks, instruments will automatically alarm and prompt the user for maintenance
● The WDet-5000CN cyanide analyzer has a self-diagnosis function. If there is a defective, it will automatically alarm and display

Technical Specification Of WDet-5000CN Cyanide Online Analyzer


Isonicotinic acid – barbituric acid

Indication Error



0~1mg/L,higher range can be customized


Continuous, 1, 2, 3... 24 hours, can also be triggered by a serial port




1 set reagents is able for about 250 times of measurement (can be

customized according to field needs)



Analog Output: 1×4-20mA output (expandable to 2 ) ,

the maximum load 500Ω

Analog Input: 1×4-20mA input (expandable to 2 ) ,

compatible with 0-5V input

Relay Output: 4 (can be flexible configuration)


RS485/RS232/USB interface (optional)


>1 month

Working Temp



200W (220±10%VAC 50Hz),regardless of the pump

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