Humidity Analyzer

Humidity Analyzer

ZETIAN humidity test meter has a built-in high-precision capacitive digital temperature and humidity sensor.

The accurate humidity meter can be used to measure the humidity of flue gas pollution sources. Based on the measured humidity, the moisture concentration is converted to dry gas concentration. In addition, it can also be used for industrial online humidity monitoring.

Types Of Humidity Analyzer

With the development of the times, scientific research, agriculture, HVAC, computer room, aerospace, electric power and other industrial sectors have higher requirements for product quality, and the more they need to use humidity test meters, control of environmental humidity and industrial materials. The monitoring and analysis of moisture value have become one of the more common technical conditions. Continuous emission monitoring system suppliers like ZETIAN meets all your requirements.

1. The application of Online humidity analyzer in the pharmaceutical industry

The important links related to humidity in the pharmaceutical industry require comprehensive and reliable products and solutions, such as the storage environment monitoring of pharmaceutical raw materials, the verification of the sterilization and sterilization process of pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical machinery, the monitoring of the pharmaceutical transportation environment, the laboratory purification workshop environment and equipment monitoring, etc.

2. The application of humidity test analyzer in the cold chain logistics industry

Vaccines need to be refrigerated, and their storage humidity also has certain requirements. In fact, there are more biological products that have strict requirements on the storage and transportation environment, such as plasma, blood products, biological agents and so on. These fields related to life sciences have higher requirements for equipment, like precision humidity meter, than other industries.

3. The application of humidity meter gauge in the industrial and electronic industry

The industry is mainly geared towards epoxy resins, high-end composite materials, precision microelectronics, integrated chips, optoelectronic components and other fine chemical products, such as epoxy resins and high-end composite materials.

During storage and transportation, there are special requirements for environmental temperature and humidity conditions and severe vibrations. This is why high temperature gas analyzer has become more and more important. If some parameters are not properly controlled, the quality of the product will be unstable and even waste products will be produced.

Humidity is the deadly enemy of the quality of electronic products, and most electronic products require operation and storage under dry conditions. According to statistics, more than a quarter of industrially manufactured defective products are related to the hazards of moisture each year in the world.

For the electronics industry, the hazard of moisture has become one of the main factors affecting product quality. Such as integrated circuits, liquid products, silicon wafers, electronic devices during operation and finished electronics, etc., if stored for too long in a high humidity environment, some pads and chip pin surfaces will be oxidized, resulting in poor contact and failure.

Companies in the chemical electronics industry should focus on managing the temperature and humidity of raw material warehouses, production workshops, finished product warehouses, and transportation processes to provide decision-making basis for quality stability.

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