ZG-100 Zero Gas Genertaor

ZG-100 Zero Gas Genertaor

ZG-100 Zero Gas Genertaor

Overview of ZG-100 Zero Gas Genertaor

At present, daily calibration or zeroing process before vehicle measurement of exhaust gas analyzers in some detection station will use ambient air for zeroing, not completely meeting purity requirement of zero gas(especially for NO detection based on infrared principle, which will exists oisture interference). In addition, some other detection ststions use zero gas for zeroing but the amount is too large, which increases operation cost of detection. The zero gas prodeed by genertaor meets the purity requirement and can replace zero gas cylinders to minimize operating cost.
ZG-100 Zero Gas Generator consists of external oilless air compressor(optional), pressure & flow controller, water removal system, NO & NO2 remover, etc. It is based on condensation and molecular sieve adsorption filtering method to remove factors that will affect calibration of exhaust analyzer and output dry and clean gas.

Features of ZG-100 Zero Gas Genertaor

  • Built-in level4 condensation to remove water in high efficiency
  • With humidity disply function with simple operation and less daily mainteance
  • Built-in renewable system, material can be recycling, reducing maintenance cost
  • Flow of output zero gas can reach 20L/min; output pressure and flow can be regulated
  • Simultaneously calibrate at least 6 exhaust analyzers
  • Service life can reach 6 years

Technical Index of ZG-100 Zero Gas Genertaor

Output Indexes
Zero gas output When at 0.2MPa, flow can reach 20L/min
Max output pressure 0.45MPa
Dewpoint When at -20℃,flow can reach 15L/min
Clean calss NO<1ppm
others N2
General Indexes
Power supply
Size Weight:14Kg

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