Gas Analysis Modules

Gas Analysis Modules

For more than 10 years Zetian is developing and producing special environmental monitoring solutions and has achieved great success in gas monitoring and process control. Based on the proven techniques that our hot sellers, gas analyzers adopted, Zetian has also developed independent production lines on OEM gas measurement module and gas analyzer equipment in order to be able to adapt gas analyses as flexibly as possible to individual measurement tasks. From vehicle emissions to industrial and environmental gas analysis for a wide range of testing needs, Zetian has the modules that are right for your application.

Types Of Gas Analysis Modules

Zetian' s modules are stand-alone, ready-to-use OEM subsystems for selective detection and monitoring of gases, which fall into 5 categories. The sensors are based on UV-DOAS and TDLAS technology, which have proven their validity in online cems monitoring system and process control applications. 

  • GA-5000M UV-DOAS analysis module
  • EM-5U NO2 ultra low range analysis module 
  • VEM-100M vehicle exhaust analysis module
  • EQMS-3000D TSP/PM analysis module

  • LGT-510 TDLAS Laser gas analysis module

Two measuring ranges from ppm to Vol.-% can be realized. With sophisticated sensor design, customer-specific applications can also be realized without the need for a completely new development. The modularity makes replacement and maintenance considerably easier when servicing is required, with low total cost of ownership.

Advantages of Gas Analysis Modules

  • Long-Term Stability
  • Extremely high selectivity to the target gas
  • Reliable Measuring Performance
  • Functional safety
  • Compact and robust 
  • Fast response time T90
  • Very low cost-of-ownership 

On the basis of the jointly defined product requirements, we develop a solution and verify its feasibility at an early stage through initial laboratory tests as well as field tests. The test results help us optimize the product design which is then industrialized in order to reach market readiness. In doing so, we not only establish the performance expected of the future product; we also deal with the matter of cost in order to make it possible for our customers to get the OEM solution that best suits to their requirements. As an OEM partner, we assist our customers with the integration at their side as well as with technical trainings. We have a competent Application Engineering Team for consulting in the fields of product integration and after-sales support. 

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