Dust Monitor

Dust Monitor

DMS Series Dust Monitor can be applied in power plant, cement plant, metallurgical and wood industry, chemical plant, waste incineration plant and etc.

Types Of Dust Monitors

Specific Application Of Dust Monitor:

DMS-100/MS-1000 dust particle measuring device is suitable for PM measurement of conventional stack, high concentration PM measurement before dedusting and high temperature occasion.

It' s a self-developed online dust analysis product, adopting laser backward scattering measuring technology with imported core components. It is mainly used for continuous monitoring on PM emission concentration of various pollution sources.  It can be not only matched with CEMS, but also be used separately or together with multiple dust monitors to form dust monitoring network, sharing the same data collection and processing background. 

The dust monitor manufactured by ZETIAN, one of the best continuous emission monitoring system suppliers, is widely applied in enterprises including thermal power, ferrous metallurgy, petrochemical industry, cement production, potting, waste incineration; flue gas emission monitoring in all kinds of power generating boiler, industrial kiln, and industrial boiler; monitoring and control in gas desulphurization and dust removal process.

DMS-100/MS-1000 dust monitor consists of optical part, circuit and signal processing part, calibrator and air curtain protection part.

What is the dust monitor principle?

The laser beam (650nm) emitted by semiconductor laser enters stack and produce scattering light by interaction with dust particles. The backscattered light enters photosensitive detector through  convergence of lens. The signal processing circuit converts light signal into standard signal in proportion to dust concentration and output, thus  dust particle emission concentration of pollution source is obtained.

  • Instrument is installed on stack by flange
  • Rain cover will be installed at back end of monitor
  • Power and gas source are connected at back end of monitor

DMS-200 is used for measurement of low particulate matter concentration and low flue gas humidity (no condensation).
DMS-300 is used for high flue gas humidity and low particulate matter concentration (saturation).
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