PM Monitor

PM Monitor

Inhalable particle content is one of the most important indexes for measuring air quality. Combining years of experience in developing environment and safety monitoring instrument as well as the latest demand at home and abroad, our company has launched a new generation DPM-6000 atmospheric particulate monitor with high accuracy, reliability, stability and economy. It can measure PM10, PM2.5 and dust particles of other cut size, widely applied in inhalable particles concentration detection in environmental atmosphere monitoring.

  • Design of instrument meets US EPA and national standard
  • Adopt PM filter membrane enrichment technology
  • Particle cutter meets EPA standard
  • TSP, PM10, PM2.5
  • Use simple, reliable mechanical transmission structure and modular design to ensure measurement is accurate and reliable, and the instrument can operate stably for a long term.

Types Of PM Monitors

PM Monitor Principle introduction:

The monitoring principle of analyzer is mainly based on enrichment technology of atmospheric particulate and beta ray attenuation method. The instrument concentrates particulate matters whose aerodynamic equivalent diameter is smaller than 2.5/10μm on rolled filter membrane. The PM measuring device adopts low-radiation 14C as radioactive source. The emitted β-ray passes through filter membrane with contaminants and will be received by detector. The detector is composed by photo-multiplier tube (or Geiger detector), plastic scintillator and counter. The thickness of enrichment can be analyzed quantificationally according to β-ray energy that detector received, then the PM2.5/10 concentration in the air can be calculated.

PM Monitor Function Feature:

  • Design of gas path keeps filter paper, radioactive source and detector immovable during enrichment and measurement, ensuring good lower detection limit.
  • USA EPA standard beta ray attenuation method, which spares the complicated operations of TEOM, such as manually replace filter paper and weight. Compared to light scattering method, it has higher measurement accuracy.
  • Cutter, based on simulation verification of aerodynamics, will provide various selection of accurate particle siczes: PM1, PM2.5. PM10, TSP.
  • Sampling low is measured by mass flow sensor and corrected with collected ambient temperature and pressure to get the sampling flow of the field condition.
  • PM monitors from ambient air quality monitoring system manufacturers like ZETIAN use C14 source which is of low-density, low activity and long half-life to realize stable measurement. No special protection is needed. Reliable and safe. No radioactive contamination will be caused.
  • Flexible paper-pressing structure. Mechanical driving design is simple and reliable; greatly reduce paper breaking and paper jam and avoid the error caused by the moving of filter pater.
  • Pipeline heating system is used to eliminate interference from ambient humidity and make the detector fit into sudden change of the weather.
  • Flow control system with precise closed loop feedback; stable sampling flow and small error.
  • Various external ports, such as RS232/RS485, 4~20mA and etc.
  • Low maintenance frequency, once a year.

PM Monitor Application:

  • Inhalable particle real-time monitoring in industry, construction, residential district and etc.
  • Environment assessment, permission and pollution forecast and pre-warning
  • Ambient air quality monitoring and mobile air monitoring experimental station
  • Occupational disease research, and long-term background environment research
  • Secondary emission monitoring(coal storage area, wharf, etc.

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