AM-5400 Ozone Analyzer

AM-5400 Ozone Analyzer

AM-5400 Ozone Analyzer

Overview Of AM-5400 Ozone Analyzer

Ozone analyzer adopts ultraviolet spectrometry principle and combines with advanced microprocessor technology. It provides accurate and reliable detection of O3 at ppb~ppm level to meet the requirement of ambient gas monitoring. UV adsorption Ozone analyzer is developed based on Beer-Lambert technology. It is applied to monitor low concentration O3 in ambient air.

Features Of AM-5400 Ozone Analyzer

  • Measurement range of this air pollution analyzer: 0~100ppb to 0~10ppm (selectable).
  • Dual measurement range and auto set range.
  • Ultraviolet spectrometry principle.
  • Multiple functional operations by microprocessor.
  • Task software is allowed to monitor test data during operation.
  • Continuous self-checking with alarm function.
  • Self-checking for intensity decaying of light source.
  • Bidirection RS-232 port for remote control.
  • Digital output working parameter.
  • Respo f self-adaptation.
  • Compensation function for temperature and pressure.
  • USB and Ethernet interface.
  • Colorful display and screen touch operation.
  • Large memory and history data saved automatically.

Specification Of AM-5400 Ozone Analyzer

  • Unit: ppb, ppb.ug/m1, mg/m`
  • Measurement range: 0~500ppb
  • Zero noise: ≤0.02ppb
  • Lower detection limit: ≤0.04ppb
  • Span noise: ≤0.025ppb
  • Indicator error: ±2%F.S.
  • 20%F.S accuracy: ≤2.5ppb
  • 80%F.S accuracy: ±5ppb
  • 24h Zero drift: ±0.1ppb
  • 24h 20% Span drift: ±2.5ppb
  • 24h 80% Span drift: ±5ppb
  • Response time: ≤60s
  • Long-term zero drift: ±5ppb
  • Long-term span drift: ±10ppb
  • MTBF: ≥7d
  • Work condition: (5~40)C, (0~95)%RH
  • Dimensions & weight: 178mmx432mmx600mm,15kg
  • Power supply: 220V-240V. 50/60 Hz, 200W
  • Ports: Analog, Digital, RS232, RS485, RJ45, USB
  • Protocol: Modbus

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