EM-5 Ultralow NO2 Analysis Module

EM-5 Ultralow NO2 Analysis Module

EM-5 Ultralow NO2 Analysis Module

Overview of EM-5 Ultralow NO2 Analysis Module

Ultralow NO2 module is a self-developed ultralow detection module based on experience of foreign and domestic environmental protection online monitoring as well as industrial analysis for many years. Combined with long optical path gas chamber, it adopts UV Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy technology with low detection limit of 0.5mg/m3. Compared with NOx converter, it solves the problem of ultralow NO2 monitoring occasion without considering that converting efficiency reduces or loses out of moisture, dust or catalyst. At the same time, it is able to provide module integration for customer who needs to add NO2 component. The module owns features of high accuracy and reliability, low operating cost, fast response speed and wide application range etc.

Specification of EM-5 Ultralow NO2 Analysis Module

  • Measuring Technique: Ultraviolet difference absorption spectroscopy   (DOAS) technology 
  • Measuring Range: 0~100mg/m3 
  • Detection limit: 0.5mg/m3 
  • Linearity Error: ≤±2%F.S. 
  • Repeatability: ≤1% 
  • Zero Drift: ≤±2%F.S./7d
  • Span Drift: ≤±2%F.S./7d 
  • Response Time: ≤55s (T90) (1.8L~2.0L) 
  • Digital Comm.: RS232 
  • Supply: 24VDC 
  • Working Temp: -10℃~+45℃ 
  • Weight: 9kg 
  • Dimension: 420mm×200mm×110mm

Features of EM-5 Ultralow NO2 Analysis Module

Long optical path multi-return gas chamber with low detection limit; Adopt laser gas light source with high accuracy and long service life; Without interference by other components; Simple deployment; output concentration through RS232; Compared with NO2 converter, not affected by low converting efficiency, short service life and maintenance period of catalyst.

Application of EM-5 Ultralow NO2 Analysis Module

Ultralow NO2 module is mainly applied in NO2 measurement in power plant, incineration plant, and also can be applied in low range measurement, including Cl2, SO2, O3.

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