EQMS VOCs Online Monitoring System

EQMS VOCs Online Monitoring System

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are carbon based compounds that pose a significant health hazard due to their toxicity. VOCs online air quality monitors for sale adopt PIO (photoionization detector ) for gas detection. The target gas is irradiated I bombarded by ultraviolet light produced by the ion lamp, and is ionized after absorbing enough uv energy. The concentration of the target gas can be detected by detecting the tiny current generated after the ionization of the gas.

The system consists of sampling unit, condensing unit, zeroing unit, calibration unit, display unit, pressure alarm unit and analysis instrument. The sample gas enters into the PIO under the action of filtration and condensation of the suction pump. The air quality monitors for sale transmit the processed concentration signal to the display unit, the end user, and the EPA platform. The user can set the auto zeroing and calibration period according to the actual situation. While the pressure alarm unit outputs a pressure alarm signal when the injection port of the analysis instrument is blocked, prompting the end user to clean the filter in time.

Type Of EQMS VOC Air Quality Monitors For Sale

Features of EQMS VOCs Online Monitoring System

  • Air quality monitors for sale has a 4.3-inch LCD screen, good human-computer interaction experience.
  • Our air quality analyzer has IP65 high standard protection design, which can be installed directly in the paint shop and outdoors.
  • Automatic zeroing and automatic calibration design greatly reduce maintenance workload.
  • Modular design, low maintenance cost.
  • Automatic temperature and pressure compensation can accurately calculate the gas concentration under normal pressure.
  • Battery module of our air quality monitors for sale can be matched for continuous monitoring in power failure state.
  • Air quality monitors for sale has a scalable SD memory card design with unlimited storage of historical data.
  • The alarm signal of our air quality monitors for sale will be output to avoid in valid data if the sampling port is abnormally blocked.
  • Air quality monitors for sale can support HJ/T212, modbus and other protocols to support protocol customization.

Application of EQMS VOCs Online Monitoring System:

Our voc monitoring system can be applied to organic industrial pollution emissions in transportation equipment manufacturing, industrial coating, packaging, printing, paint manufacturing, organic chemicals, tire manufacturing, semiconductor integrated circuits, furniture manufacturing, household appliances, wire and cable, paint dry, footwear, synthetic materials, monosodium glutamate manufacturing industrial.

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