EQMS TSP Monitor

EQMS TSP Monitor

Environmental Quality Monitoring System consists of particulate monitoring subsystem, LED display, data collection and processing subsystem.

As a laser scattering principle particle matter concentration measurement instrument, ZETIAN EQMS TSP monitor system has the advantage of fast, simple and accurate, etc. The key components of this EQMS TSP monitor are all imported high quality components. With high sensitivity, excellent stability, the EQMS TSP monitor especially applies to online atmospheric particles monitoring.

ZETIAN EQMS TSP monitor system and continuous air monitoring system use laser scattering measurement principle. Under the suction of pump, the atmospheric particles get into the measurement module, the scattered light produced by the particulate matter is received by the highly sensitive detector, and then received signal will be amplified and calculated by the data processing system, finally showing the real-time particle concentration value.

Types Of EQMS TSP Monitors

Performance characteristics of EQMS TSP Monitor:

  • Laser forward scattering method to detect particle concentration
  • Compact structure
  • Low detection limit, high sensitivity
  • This type of air pollution analyzer has great condition adaptability

Features of EQMS TSP Monitor:

  • Zero and full point calibration of particulate matter
  • Measuring PM10, PM2.5, TSP simultaneously
  • Equipped with heating device, automatic dehumidification for air
  • Remote maintenance equipment parameters, online upgrade software
  • Save the current measurement data automatically while power off. And restore former working condition while power on
  • Long service life, continuous automatic operation, simple and convenient to install and maintain
  • Using laser forward scattering principle, detection limit as low as 1 ug/m3
  • 7-inch large screen touch display, easy and fast to operate
  • Large capacity battery, continue to work while power off(optional)
  • Wireless transmission is applied to store data, images, etc. on the cloud platform for customers to browse
  • The dome camera 360°, whose direction of camera shooting may be changed through remote control
  • SD card stores test data automatically, that is derived by card reader

Application of EQMS TSP Monitor:

The EQMS TSP monitor can measure atmospheric particles alone, but also as a module integrated into the dust and other online monitoring system.
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